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          The team at Avetico took the time to go over all of the minuscule details of the different types of commercial insurances that they offer. I wanted to be sure that I, as a small business owner, had all of my bases covered. I must have asked dozens and dozens of questions about different possible scenarios and “what if” situations. They thoroughly explained everything in detail and followed up with me on each of my inquiries. Thanks Again Avetico! Total Lifesavers!

          I just got a new car and after finding out how much money it was going to cost to add it to my existing insurance policy, I began to shop around for a policy that wouldn't leave me living paycheck-to-paycheck. Thank goodness I found Avetico! Not only did they get me a policy that is easier on my wallet, but I also somehow ended up with more coverage than before. I definitely recommend that you check Avetico out!