Avetico Insurance Services

Avetico is full-service Insurance Agency, providing our clients with the best possible insurance policies with the most attractive rates around. Navigating Insurance Policies and Packages can be a time consuming task. We eliminate your need to do this as we have the knowledge and know-how to find the right insurance packages tailored to the needs of our clients.

Let Avetico Make Insurance Easy For You

Individual Insurance

Finding the right Individual Insurance plans and Insurance Packages can play a big role for you and your family for health care. Individual Insurance Packages can also cover any assets you own. At Avetico we make it our goal to provide clients with the best insurance rates around

Business Insurance

Making sure your business has the right insurance is an important decision as a business owner. Investing in Business Insurance is a wise decision for maintaining the productivity and health of your employees, and can even be a critical factor in recruiting new employees.


          The team at Avetico took the time to go over all of the minuscule details of the different types of commercial insurances that they offer.

          I just got a new car and after finding out how much money it was going to cost to add it to my existing insurance policy...